Saturday, June 9, 2012

Carrie Hope Fletcher - The Silly Song

From what I can tell after checking her out over the last hour or so, I could've picked anything Carrie Hope Fletcher has put into the world for this blog, but this one was my favorite (and the video that initially made me want to include her):

Finding Carrie was pure serendipity, and on a day where I kinda needed a little of exactly what she has to offer...

I recently started having a problem with youtube volume on all my devices, so I did a search, and discovered that apparently, youtube has it's own volume control; a fact I did not know up to now. (And yes, someone--either me, or the gremlins who occupy the internet--had turned mine almost all the way down sometime last week, leading me to crank up my computer volume--and still strain--every time I wanted to watch something.) After reading about the problem and the fix, I went to youtube to test it out, hit on "recommended videos," and picked one of Carrie's from the list, pretty much at random. (I'm not sure I was even looking while I picked, or for the few seconds afterward... I just needed to be watching a video to up the volume, and the one smack near in the middle of my "Videos - Recommended for You" page was as good as any.) But damned if I haven't been Hopeful, ever since... 8>) (Once I could actually hear her, and started to pay attention, obviously...) I'm sure Carrie has her bad days like we all do, but that kinda makes her even more a creature of goodness and goodwill, doesn't it?

Anyway, it'd been awhile since I posted something here, and this--the video, and the girl in general--really hit the spot (and probably saved me from sinking back into bad habits, besides. Life's too short to waste time in muck and mud. 'nuff said.)

Carrie's links:
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